Maps of the MSD work now underway in Four Seasons

Brad Selch of MSD spoke with our Neighborhood Association Thursday evening Feb. 20 regarding the sewer line work currently underway in the wooded area of Four Seasons.  This will be a buried 24″ sealed/forced flow line from the J-town sewage treatment plant on Grand Avenue to somewhere near Klondike Elementary.  The line will follow near to the South Fork of Beargrass Creek and its flood basin.  Due to an EPA ruling in 2008, the J-town plant must be closed by the end of 2015.

Attached are the maps Brad promised to send to our group:
(if clicking on the link won’t open each file, you may have to right-click on the link and “Save Link As” or “Save Target As” . . . . save to your PC and then double-click to open it there.)

Phase 2 – 05 Plans (Stamped)

Phase 2 – 06 Plans (Stamped)

Phase 2 – 07 Plans (Stamped)

Phase 2 – 08 Plans (Stamped)

Brad told us that all work is being conducted on MSD property or easements obtained by MSD.  The work is being contracted out to a private company and the target is to have it completed this summer.  The path of the pipeline installation will be graded back to original grade, and matt-seeded.  Trees will not be replanted, as nature will be allowed to regrow on its own.

Brad can be reached at


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