Arson in Four Seasons March 20!

If you haven’t seen it on the news we just wanted to let everyone know there was an arson fire on Weather Way last night in the Four Seasons neighborhood, the arsonist also hit Silver Springs and Four Seasons Apartments. The residents on Weather Way were awake at the time (1:00 AM) and able to escape without injury. The damage was limited to the front porch, but the fire department tells us had it been another couple of minutes before they arrived the fire would have spread to the roof and more serious damage would have occurred. Both McMahon and J-Town Fire Departments responded to the call.
The fire department also advises to remove outside wreaths, (or place them between your front door and storm door), also any flags or anything that might be tempting to an arsonist, and keep your front porch lights on. If you are up late look outside for anyone or anything suspicious. If you see anything please report to Pat Walsh McMahon Fire Dept. 817-0540 or the Metro Police at 574-LMPD. Pat Walsh attended our last General Meeting and we plan on having him come again soon.
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