Third Break-in Burglary Last Night While Homeowners Were Sleeping

Exactly two weeks ago we had two homes in the neighborhood (on Chimney Rock Ln and Winterhaven Rd) burglarized while the homeowners slept upstairs. In one case a screen was cut on an open window and the other a door lock was shimmied open (the deadbolt was not engaged). Items taken were a big screen TV, iPads, camera and credit cards. So far it appears the theives get in and get out quickly grabbing whatever is close to their entry point.

Now we’ve had a third home broken into overnight last night. It was between midnight and 5 AM on the dead-end portion of Summerfield Dr, another two-story home. This makes three break-ins in two weeks. As before, the homeowners were sleeping at home at the time. They took a flat screen TV and 3 bottles of expensive bourbon sitting on the counter. The mother who lives with them was in the bedroom downstairs at the time.

Please remind your neighbors to be especially watchful if they get up at night.  Make sure your doors are securely locked and deadbolted.  Keep outside lights on all night.  Lock cars parked outside and don’t leave valuables or garage door openers in them.

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