Salting of the hill on Summerfield Drive & Dues Letters

The hill on Summerfield Drive going into Four Seasons II is difficult to navigate during inclement weather. Patrick Bratcher, a resident, volunteered to treat it free if FSNA would buy the salt. Treating our streets has been discussed for years, but due to the lack of funds we couldn’t afford it. We did not want to wait until the February meeting make a decision, so a few of the board decided to test this area since Summerfield Drive is our Main Street and a priority. We agreed to buy $800 worth of super salt to start with and treat the top of the hill near Future Seasons to Petty Jay. Due to the cost of snow plowing we are only treating this area. We would like to consider other streets but we need more funds to be able to pay for this project.
Dues letters will be arriving in your mailbox very soon so please return them promptly.  We depend entirely on dues to pay for the 37 street lights in the neighborhood and keep the grass cut in the Raintree Drive common area. Current membership doesn’t allow for much more. If you would like to consider donating more toward treating streets we appreciate the help with this project. We would like to do a few more problem streets as funding increases. This is our first attempt as an association in this arena and need your ideas and your dues. If you would like to work on this project please let us know.
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