FSNA signs a new three-year Waste Management contract




FSNA has signed a new three year contract with Waste Management, the “PREFERRED” waste hauler for Four Seasons. Current prices will remain the same as they are now, unless something unforeseen happens. Trash and yard waste will continue to be picked up weekly, recycling is biweekly (every other week). To accommodate the change in recycling WM will provide a 96 gallon recycling tote (the same size as our current trash tote), at no additional charge. Recycling customers will be delivered the new tote unless you notify Waste Management, or FSNA. You may use your existing recycling containers or purchase one from local stores such as Lowe’s or Home Depot.

It will probably be several weeks before the new recycling totes are delivered, we will let you know when WM notifies us. WM plans to deliver new totes on a recycling day, service day, delivering the new totes and picking up the current bins. Biweekly recycling service has become the standard in most areas of the country.



If you have any questions please contact FSNA representative Les Allen at: leswallen@bellsouth.net

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