Waste Management Notification

All Waste Management customers should have received an email from them this week. In case you didn’t, here is the content of the message:

Service Alert

This is an important message about your Waste Collection service. WM will no longer collect bags or material outside of your cart. Please place your cart at the curb at least 3 feet from all objects, including your mailbox, cars, or trees. Place the wheels of the cart toward the house with all contents inside the closed lid. If you are currently using a personal garbage can, contact us for a WM-approved cart. Please contact WM at midsouthcs@wm.com with any questions.

The reason for this notification is that Waste Management has changed their trash delivery trucks to the type that uses only one person to drive and activate a mechanical arm that grasps the can, lifts it and dumps it into the top of the truck.  That is the reason they want the cans pointing a certain direction (wheels toward your house) as well as making sure there aren’t other objects near the can. All contents must be within the can with the lid closed.




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