Waste Management: Important Service Information

Waste Management sent this notice to customers on July 30:

Important Service Information.


Valued WM Customer, We would like to take a moment and apologize for any disruptions in service of late and assure you that we are working tirelessly on solutions that will get us back to steady service. For the month of August, we will be servicing recycling and yard waste on an every other week basis. Customers with yard waste services will be picked up the week of August 2nd and August 16th, while customers with recycling will be serviced on the week of August 9th, and 23rd. Your service days on those weeks will remain the same. We will be collecting two weeks’ worth of recycling and yard waste on each service week. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience as we train our new WM team members.




Some FSNA Updates


The common areas in the middle of Brightside and Dew Drop Courts along Raintree Drive had become so overgrown, unmanageable and an eyesore. Your FSNA contracted with and was able to fund the clearing and clean-up of the common areas. This was expensive and a one-time project to help the residents in the surrounding homes maintain these common areas. This area looks awesome!

FSNA is funding and installing four new street lights, besides installation, the cost of installation each street lights cost about $250.00 annually.

Last spring we worked with Councilman Kramer, he was able to get several trees planted along Raintree Drive and Six Mile Lane, the project continued this year with more trees, they are such an improvement to the area.

Last fall a few FSNA officers volunteered, spending several hours cutting small trees and overgrown brush area at the end of Weather Way.

Without your continued support these projects would not be possible.  Thanks to all paid members!

Illegal Issue on Petty Jay (update)


Four Seasons Neighborhood Association has been working with Councilman Kramer’s office and Metro Louisville for several months to resolve illegal car repair issues on Petty Jay Road. The homeowner is in violations of Metro regulations. Code Enforcement has issued citations without compliance, so the issue is going to court. The paperwork is yet to be filed because the courts are not accepting new cases due to COVID-19 closings and backlog. Once the courts allow new cases to be filed this issue is a priority with the Metro Supervisor who is handling the case.



Four Seasons Property Issue


The Four Seasons Neighborhood Association has received several calls regarding the property at 3013 Petty Jay. There are several cars illegally parked in front and in the backyard, junk storage, and what appears to be an illegal car repair business. We are working with Metro and Councilman Kramer’s office to resolve the issue. The owner is in violation of several codes and zoning violations.  FSNA wanted to let all residents know that Metro Code Enforcement is aware of the situation and is working on the issue.



2020 Four Seasons Neighborhood Associations Dues

Dues letters were mailed to each home in Four Seasons, if you did not get one please let us know. Please do your part and send your dues as soon as possible so we don’t have to mail reminder letters (incurring additional expense for FSNA). Savings from Waste Management more than pays for dues. Please send your $50 annual dues to Julie Swan at 2906 Summerfield Drive.




FSNA General meeting is Tuesday 2/18/2020 @ 7:00 PM


Our next FSNA General Meeting is this week, Tuesday 2/18/2020 at 7:00 PM. The location is Hunsinger Lane Baptist Church (rear entrance). Please come, meet the neighbors, share ideas, etc. We welcome all residents of Four Seasons Neighborhood.




FSNA General meeting is Tuesday 11/19 @ 7:00 PM


The quarterly Four Seasons Neighborhood Association (FSNA) meeting is Tuesday 11/19 at 7:00 PM. The meeting will be held at Hunsinger Lane Baptist Church.  Enter through the rear door.

We hope to see our neighbors there!




We’d like to hear from you!


To all Four Seasons Neighbors:

If you haven’t already taken the survey, we’d like to hear from you.  It is only six questions, so it will not take much of your time.  The board will use your responses to better serve the neighborhood as we move forward.  A link to the survey is included below.  Thank you in advance for your participation.




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