About FSNA

The Four Seasons Neighborhood Association (FSNA) was formed January 2006.

Membership in the neighborhood association is optional, but members get the benefits of negotiated garbage rates with Waste Management that more than pay for the annual cost of membership.  Your annual dues of $50 pay for all street lights in the neighborhood.

Four Seasons neighborhood consists of 500+ households in the boundaries noted here:

(click on map for larger image)

FSNA Boundary Map
FSNA Boundary Map

FSNA Formation, Accomplishments and Plans

Metro Louisville Department of Neighborhoods first contacted residents of Four Seasons to determine interest in forming an association.  Their representative joined the first meeting, held June 27, 2005, at the McMahon Fire Station, to explain the benefits of such a group.

Neighbors were both interested and enthusiastic. During the next several months, neighbors met with Department of Neighborhoods representatives at Hunsinger Lane Baptist Church to work out boundaries, write by-laws, establish areas within the neighborhood, set membership dues and confirm numerous other details. Inquiries were sent to residents to determine their interests and concerns and to solicit their involvement as committee leaders.

In January 2006, the first general meeting officially launched the association and officers were installed. The issues that were identified to be of primary concern were:

  • Adding more streetlights
  • Receiving a discount on sanitation services
  • Implementing block watches
  • Keeping safety a priority
  • Keeping crime under control
  • Maintaining traffic control
  • Eliminating litter
  • Establishing neighborhood activities


Since our inception, the association took pride in these accomplishments:

  • Approximately 50 percent of households were paying members.
  • Six new streetlights had been installed and operating expenses had been assumed by
    the association for other existing streetlights.  The association currently maintains 33 streetlights.
  • Discounts had been attained for trash, recycling and yard waste pickup.
  • Annual yard sales had begun.
  • An outlet sign on Summerfield had been moved
  • FSNA website


Looking ahead, these goals and plans are in progress:

  • Install additional streetlights as membership increases so the dues can support the cost.
  • Implement block watches.
  • Continue to clean and maintain public areas as members are available to do so.


We’re honored to have Councilman Kevin Kramer as a neighbor, member and friend of the association.  Councilman Kramer often attends meetings and is able to answer questions or concerns on the spot without the delay of making calls to get information. Officials with the Department of Neighborhoods are also involved and attend our meetings as well, offering information such as programs through Metro Government that can benefit our association.

Being a large group means we carry a loud voice when trying to get things done.  We are able to accomplish together much more than one resident can accomplish alone.  The association benefits all the households of Four Seasons Subdivision.

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